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Buffalo, NY Ironworkers

"I am a Project Safety Reprsentative for Countour Steel out of Buffalo, NY, a union ironworker employee outfitter. We have been using the Anderson Ladder for the last few weeks to see how it worked out for us, when my guys are unloading structural steel and decking. As seen in the past, we have had men complaining that it's a pain to get up on the trailer with the steel loaded.

We were given an Anderson Ladder from our General Contractor, Turner Construction Co.  This ladder which has been specifically designed to ease our task of gaining access to the top of the trailer, more safely and securely, has been a huge help. I have been extremely pleased with the results this ladder has given me, as well as my guys. It has limited the risk of falling or slipping, and finally my men love it. I interviewed three of my men who frequently use this ladder, and this is what they have to say:

Ed John Sr., A Union Ironworker from Local #6 out of Buffalo, NY, said "It is very helpful; it is much easier to get on the truck without having to climb on the tires and the back to get on. I really like it."

Steve John, a Union Ironworker from Local #6 out of Buffalo, NY stated "I was wondering when someone would give us somethign useful to help us getting on the truck. I like the design of the ladder and its is very sufficient."

The last employee I nterviewed was Ed John Jr., a Union Ironworker from Local #6 out of Buffalo, NY said, "This ladder makes the job of uploading the trailers much easier, I'm sure they will be seen on many jobsites in the future, at least I hope they will be for my sake."

I just want to take the time out to thank Anderson ladder on designing a product which is not only sufficient, but makes my job a lot easier, having one less safety measure I have to take, that I have overlooked in the past. Thank you."

-Nate Debo, Project Safety Representative - Contour Steel



OSHA Safety
Horizontal Hand Grips
3 Point Control
16" Step Width
12" Spaced Steps
12" Spaced Handholds
No Stooping Required
Gentle Ascent Angle
Can Store Flat Under Trailer

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